Monday, February 7, 2011

Heartwings Love Notes: Love Lasts

Heartwings says, "Even though the physical presence may be gone, the heart lives on in love."

Recently I drove to Maine to visit my mother for her 95th birthday. Though absent in mind, thanks to my sister she very healthy. She keeps our mother with her and cares for her with loving attention. I am extremely grateful for her dedication. Even with the best of intentions I could not do what she does. Were it not for her our mother might not be with us.

Earlier as I walked toward my car an image of my father's smiling face appeared in my mind. He waved at me, blew me a couple of kisses and then he was gone. I'm not completely sure, perhaps I imagined it yet it seemed as though he said, "it won't be long now." I know I didn't deliberately think of him before I saw his smiling face. Devoted to Mom, I expect he is ready to welcome her when she does cross over.

Later, as I sat next to Mom on the couch I put my arm around her shoulders. Even though most of the time her mind rambled in repetitive sentences, I think she knew who I was. I held her hand and stroked it, and she did not protest. It was sad to see the mother I remembered as brave and funny, feisty and independent huddled into the cushions, reluctant to move.

Each time I leave I wonder if I will ever see her again. As I was getting ready to go I kissed her and told her I loved her. "I'll be here for a little while longer," she said sounding for a moment just like her old self. I knew then that inside that frail elderly person the bright heart of the mother I grew up with lives on. I also know that when the time comes, dad will be there to welcome her to her new home and maybe once in a while she too will wave to me.

May you always feel connected with your loved ones whether in body or in spirit.
Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

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